The BEST green flag in a girl.

Paco Chávez
7 min readJul 25, 2022

As you grow older, dating becomes a more serious aspect of your life. You realize you don’t have time for petty games. You come to terms with the fact that partying and having meaningless conversations will only lead to in-satisfaction and toxicity in your relationships. This is no place to meet a girl. Neither are dating apps. I know some of you are going to bash me on this one, but I think meeting someone through Tinder is rarely going to give you the gratification and satisfaction you truly want in a relationship. You can use dating apps to meet practice your social skills. Use it to make friends, break the boundaries of what a “dating app” means. Learn to have more interesting conversations with another human being without the need to sexualize every encounter. Men, keep your dick dry for while, it won’t kill you. Stop wanting to fuck every girl you meet in order to validate your worth as a “man”. A real man waits. He lives his life individually until he has worked on himself so much life throws at him a beautiful, driven and compassionate woman as if to say “you earned her”.

The initial stages.

Your all hyped up like a little boy because you got a reply from the girl you’ve been texting. You spend the next ten minutes trying to think of a response, you’ve desperately been wanting to meet someone, your new baby girl. But…

  1. She´s not that high quality.

Look. She’s texting other guys, spends all of her time on social media and watching reality TV shows. She doesn’t care about any sort of exercising because she sees it as a boring act. She hasn’t developed the capacity to take responsibility for herself and lets her mind make all the decisions for her. She always wants takeout and Uber eats. For her, reading is boring and prefers to always hang out with a friend to gossip about the latest girl who cheated on her boyfriend. She shows no signs of having a personal passion project, she merely goes to work, gets payed and spends her time complaining that life isn’t fair for her instead of doing something about it. This is your fault as a man. You’ve been conditioned into being so weak because you are also wasting your time. Watching porn every day at night, eating junk food while arguing with your friends like fanatic man-children about the NBA. Because you lack purpose and a mission to drive you’re…

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